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13454505 inland pilot TRA. DER. OPEL CORSA E Basic

  • REF. INTERNAL: 10044211003284
  • Remarks: cams motor: Double Tree; Color: white; Air conditioning: si; Power: multipoint; Engine position: Transverse

  • For large cubicage parts such as capos, motors, fins or oversized partsConsult shipping price.
  • For orders to Balearic, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, additional shipping charges,Consultation of the seller.
  • No international shipments are made in island territory.
  • If the customer does not select the appropriate shipping charges, the order will be canceled.

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Shipping and collection charges in case of return will be on your own.

Cesvimap, offers its customers with the exception of centralites or electronic components, or they shall be subject to acceptance in warranty books according to material type the minimum time limit of 1 year of warranty according to Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007.

If damage occurs during the warranty period, you must notify and deliver the security object to Cesvimap, that you evaluate the part and proceed to your exchange or refund of the amount.

If the piece is not defective I will deliver voucher for the same redeem in stock pieces. Warranty does not cover workmanship, defects, damage caused by workpiece failure, disassembly or not following the maintenance indicated by the manufacturer of the same. All replacement has a maximum return time of 7 days, whenever it is not tampered with and the invoice showing it, past returns will not be accepted.

According to Art.18 R.D. 782/98 development of ACT 11/97 on packaging and packaging waste. The person responsible for the delivery of the packaging residue used for correct environmental management shall be the holder final.

To make such a return you must know that:

1. The product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

2. The product cannot have been mounted on the vehicle.

3. The product must not have been tampered with and retains its guarantee seals.

4. You cannot use the replacement packing as a postal package; do not directly paste the order of dispatch onto the spare carton because our company may not accept the product.

5. According to the condition of the returned replacement (incomplete, damaged, packaging in bad condition), the refund could be rejected.

6. Logically, if the product was not requested or has any defect, this warranty includes it. Once we receive the goods in our warehouses and check that all the above conditions are given, cesvimap, it shall accept the return of the product and the refund of its amount shall be effected in accordance with the payment method, and if applicable, to shipping the new product.

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