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Jansite 10" 4K Car DVR Video Recorders Mirror Touch Screen Time-lapse Video 3840X2160P Dashcam Registrars Waterproof Rear CameraPlease note:Only our rear camera can match our DVR. If you only buy a single lens and use your own rear camera, it will not work.10-inch Screen 4K(3840X2160P) Car DVR

Front camera:4K (3840X2160P)  Rear camera: 1080P
Max External Memory:128G   Greater storage space
10 inch full screen, wider field of view, less blind spots, more convenient and safe driving.Enjoy the new Experience brough by the clear vision of 4K picture quality, real-time display is cleared.

4K Picture Quality Ultra-Clear Vision3840X2160 pixels, highly reproduce the color itself, making the picture more distinct.3840X2160P UHDSingle front video quality pixels up to 4K, wide color gamut, high color accuracy and the details are clearly visible.Support 256G CardThe maximum external storage of this product is 256G!Can record continuously for 48 hours,you can save more recorded videos.HDR High Dynamic Range Imageing

No fear of exposure and dark night. Provide more dynamic range and image details, use the LDR image with the best detail corresponding to each exposure time to synthesize the final HDR image, which can reflect the visual effect in the real environment.

Huawei Hisilicon Chip Customized For HD Video

Brings more powerful ultra-clear image processing capabilities, adopts a low-power technology architectur, improves every detail, and the video picture is clearer and smoother.

Super Night VisionThe camera chip has a built-in night vision processing function, which allows you to record video even in low light environment.GPS Track Playback (NOT GPS Navigation)Note:This function only need connect Our GPS Module!
Search for " GVPlayer ",download and install, you can use to play driving track history.
The global satellite positioning system accurately records your driving trajectory. Dedicated player, playback display is more detailed. You can view your speed, coordinates.
Automatic reverse safety parkingWhen the car is reversing, the device automatically switches to the rear camera image view through a 10-inch full-mirror screen. It comes with high-quality images that help identify important details such as license plates, driver movements and road functions that may prove your innocence.
(Need to connect the red wire in the rear camera to the positive pole of the power supply)
24 Hours Parking MonitorIf DVR be shocked by any external forces like a thief while parking, it's Parking Mode function will turn on to recording automatically ( Warm reminder, it should be used with power cable )Time-lapse videoTime-lapse video can be continuously recorded for 48 hours, more secure and convenientEasy to look back at the video.No need to format the memory card often.(Note: Need to buy DVR Power Box)G-SensorG-Sensor can lock up current DVR recodering during critical moments (such as car accidents), thus protecting your high-quality recordings. Loop Recording

Automatically overwrite the previous recordings with new files except locked files when the memory card is full.