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Описание товара

Metal manipulator/arm/holder

1.Description :

1). It used  5 servos to drive, each finger can move flexible.

2) .It's structure with occasional updates, may have small differences with picture, kind prevail.

2.Size chart:(MM)


3.Package list:

Plan1:1*left hand parts+6* servos(Not installed,1 servo spare)

Plan2:1*right hand parts+6* servos(Not installed,1 servo spare)

Plan3:1*Left hand+1* Servo( installed)

Plan4:1*Right hand +1* Servo( installed)


1).Beware of steering gear locked-rotor.The micro servo working voltage 5-6V,if you use 7.4V battery, must lower the power supply.

Control protocal: 0.5ms-2.5ms for servo 0-180 degree. Note no breaking bounds&no blocking

Servo link:https:/store/product/GH-A0090-9g-digital-servo-5-DOF-hand-matching-micro-steering-gear/2388077_32722232681.html?spm=2114.8147860.0.81.emxYb0

The servo brown ,red, orange lines correspond to negative, positive, and signal lines respectively.

2).Installation requires some patience and hands-on ability.Like playing with blocks, no pressure.Please leave your email or ask on-line for the installation  instruction.

3).This item hand is a mini hand,If you want a bigger hand like the size of an adult hand,please go below link:


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