4WD Robot Tracked Tank Car Chassis TD900 with Aluminum Alloy Chassis/Frame Robotic Arm Interface Holes DIY RC Toy | Игрушки и хобби

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Описание товара

Product Parameters

  • Name: Caeser TD900 Robot Tank Chassis

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

  • Surface treatment: sandblasting oxidation

  • Size: About 550*280*110mm

  • Weight: 3.7kg

  • Design Load: 5kg     

  • More details, please visit: //github.com/SmartArduino/SZDOITWiKi/wiki to download the source code and the documents.

Motor Parameters(25mm 9V DC Motor):

  • Name: 25mm gear motor

  • Output speed: 150±10%rpm

  • No_load Current: 200mA (Max)

  • Stall current: 4500mA(max)

  • Stall torque: 9.5kgNaN

  • Rated speed: 100±10%rpm

  • Rated torque: 3000gNaN

  • Rated Current: 1200mA (Max)

  • Noise: 56dB

  • Working voltage: 9V

  • Outside Shaft Length: 14.5mm

  • Shaft End Play: 0.05-0.50mm

  • Screw Size: M3.0

  • Dia. Of Shaft phi4mm, D3.5

  • encoder: 2 pulses/circle

Motor parameters(12V DC Motor):

  • Voltage: 12V DC

  • RPM: 320RPM

  • Current: 0.55A

  • Diameter: 25mm

  • Height (excl. shaft): 68mm

  • Shaft length: 9.5mm

  • Shaft diameter: 4mm

  • Weight: 180g

  • Brand new and unused

  • Torque: 13kg.cm

  • max effective point: load 4.0kg.cm/235rpm/2.5W/0.58A

  • Max power: load 7kg.cm/215rpm/3.1w/0.65A

  • Stall current: 4.8A

Shipping List:

    TD900 tracked Tank Chassis: 1 set (NOT including the battery and any electronics)


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