FAROOT Pet Sling Carrier Bag Tote Shoulder Dog Puppy Purse Pouch Travel One Size New | Дом и сад

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This anti-wear, hands-free elastic strap loops on the shoulders, while the small storage bag for pets rests on

the opposite hips to ensure pet safety and comfort. Drive away the external safety buckle to prevent pets.

The fabric of this bag is machine washable soft cotton fabric, polyester.

- Color: Gray.
- Material: Cotton and linen.
- Size: 78x50x15cm.
- Sufficient safety: This pet backpack can easily accommodate your pet. You only need your pet pet bag, which will make your pet safe and reliable.
- Double-sided: double-sided design, a versatile two-way appearance. Pet lovers will love this double-sided usable pet carrier.
- Sufficient security: no pressure, whether you are walking, walking, weekend adventures, travel.   Package includes: 1 x Pet Bag