Housing For iPhone XS Max XR X 4 4S 5 5S 5C SE 6 6S 7 8 Plus Samsung Galaxy J1 J3 J5 J7 A3 A5 Hipster Tribal Lion Pastel Artwork |

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Material:HIgh Quality Soft Silicone
Function:Anti-scratch, Dirt-resistant


For A3 2015 = A3000 A300 A3009 A300F
For A3 2016 = A3100 A310F A310
For A3 2017 = A320
For A5 2015 = A500 A5000 A500F A500F A500H
For A5 2016 = A510F A510 A510M A510FD A5100 A510Y
For A5 2017 = A520
For A7 2015 = A700 A7000
For A7 2016 = A7100 A710 A710F
For J1 2015 = J100 J100F SM-J100f J100H
For J1 2016 = J120F J120 J120H
For J2 2015 = J200F J200G J210F J200 J200M J200FN
For J2 2016 = J2100 J210F SM-J210F
For J3 2015 = J300H J300 SM-J300F J300F J3000
For J3 2016 = J320 J320F J320P J3109 J320M J320Y
For J5 2015 = J500F J5008 J500F YC955 SM-J500F J5000
For J5 2016 = J510F J510FN J510M J510G J510Y J5100
For J7 2015 = J700 J700F J7008 SM-J700F SM-J7008 J700H J700M
For J7 2016 = J710F J7108 J710 J710M SM-J710 J7109 J710H

For Galaxy S2 = For Galaxy SII i9100 9100
For Galaxy S3 = For Galaxy SIII i9300 Neo i9301 Duos i9300i i9308
For Galaxy S4 = For Galaxy S IV i9500 i9505 i337 I9507V 9500
For Galaxy S5 = G9006V I9600 G900P G900F G9008V G9009D SV
For Galaxy S6 = G9200 G920F G920
For Galaxy S6 edge = G9250 G925F G925
For S6 edge Plus = For Galaxy S6 edge Plus edge+ G928 G9280 G928F
For Galaxy S3 mini = i8190 8190 GT-I8190
For Galaxy S4 mini = 9190 9190 i9192 i9195 i9190 GA009
For Galaxy S5 mini = G800F G800 G800H G800M G800A G800R4 G800Y G870A G870W
For Galaxy S4 Active = i9295 i537 E470S
For Galaxy S5 Active = G870
For Galaxy S6 Active = G890A
For Galaxy S7 = SM-G9300 Lucky Jungfrau
For Galaxy S7 edge = SM-G9350 G935A G935F
For Galaxy Note 2 = For Galaxy Note II N7102 N7100 N7108 N7105 N719 N7108D i317 T889 H3605
For Galaxy Note 3 = For Galaxy Note III N9006 N9008V N9002 N9009 N9008S N900 N9005 N900L N900V
For Galaxy Note 4 = For Galaxy Note IV N9100 N9108V N9109W N9106W N910F N910X
For Galaxy Note 5 = For Galaxy Note V N9200 N920t N920p N920
For Galaxy Note edge = N9150 N915K N915L N915S N915X N915FY N915A N915T N915G N915D