12*12 см/14*14 см шасси ПК охлаждающий фильтр от пыли магнитная ПВХ сетка защитная

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12*12 см/14*14 см шасси ПК охлаждающий фильтр от пыли магнитная ПВХ сетка

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Описание товара

8-14cm Magnetic Frame Dust Filter Dustproof Mesh Cover Net Guard with Hole for PC Computer Case Cooling Fan Power Supply Accessories
The fine pore size can filter fine dust, effectively block dust, and keep the cabinet fresh and clean.
The ventilation rate of the FF filter is as high as 65%, so that the wind flow is smooth, and the heat dissipation is far better than the general filter.
The precise cutting process and the integrated non-marking magnetic frame, and the design of reserved screw holes allow the non-ferrous chassis to be easily installed, and it can be closely adhered to slightly curved surfaces, and has a good dust-proof effect.
The strong and tough characteristics of nylon material form a strong compression resistance, which is better than other plastic sheet nets.
The installation is simple and convenient. Magnetic frame design, with screw holes reserved at the four corners of the filter screen, to ensure the internal cleanliness of the chassis or power supply, and better heat dissipation effect! The magnetic fan filter can be easily installed on the vent of the chassis or power supply, and effectively isolates the intrusion of dust and dirt!
It can also be applied to power supplies, which can effectively prevent dust from entering while sucking in cold air.
For Matrix D series magnetic fan filter is available in two sizes. For Matrix D 14 can support up to 140mm fan vents; For Matrix D 12 can support up to 120mm fan vents!
Multipurpose. It can be used for dust-proofing of household computer chassis fan dust-proof filters, speaker net covers and other electrical/electronic products.

Name: Chassis dust filter
Material: Nylon, soft magnetic
Colour: Black
Size: 8cm/3.15in, 9cm/3.54in, 12cm/4.72in, 14cm/5.51in (optional)
Weight: 16g

The product does not contain screws, but with screw holes (8cm models do not have screw holes).
This magnetic dust filter can also be applied to aluminum chassis, provided that you can install it if you have a fan yourself.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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