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200V Coulomb Meter Battery Capacity Indicator Coulometer Power Level Display Lithium Battery Tester

note: shunt needs to be purchased separately For example: 0-20Ameter needs to be equipped with 20A shunt For example: 0-50Ameter needs to be equipped with 50A shunt For example: 0-100Ameter needs to be equipped with 100A shunt For example: 0-200Ameter needs to be equipped with 200A shunt For example: 0-500Ameter needs to be equipped with 500A shunt
  • Features: 

      Professional Lithium Battery Tester

    Product characteristics:
    This instrument is a professional Coulometer. The basic function of the instrument is measurement. It must ensure the accuracy of measurement. The GC97 Coulometer uses a 22-bit AD high-precision independent sampling chip for voltage and current detection,
    Charging and discharging can be automatically identified. Charging can display the icon of power plug, the image is easy to understand, and the accumulative time of charging or discharging can be automatically calculated. The progress bar by 50 grids.The display screen adopts 8192 phase matrix LCD screen, and the display content is richer and more delicate than the fixed pen segment LCD screen..
    Wide operating voltage, suitable for all batteries. Independent power supply can measure 0-350V. At the same time, it has the function of temperature detection. When the ambient temperature exceeds 43 degrees, it will output alarm voltage signal.
    Diversified backlight function, can choose long bright, automatic, fixed shutdown. Alarm function. Voltage upper and lower limits, current upper limits. When qualified, the instrument output interface has high voltage signal output, which can read the instrument's test data through the instrument's TTL serial port output. (Need professional use, ordinary users please ignore.)
    Visual menu setting function. Easy to operate by looking at the screen prompt. Voltage and current can be easily corrected by software.
    Technical parameter:
    Operating Voltage: 8-200V
    Working Current: 0-20A/30A/50A/100/150A/200A/300A/500A (Determine the Range at Purchase)
    Test capacity: 0-999999AH
    Test power: 0-999999W
    Time record: maximum 999 days, 99 hours and 59 minutes
    Temperature display: - 10 degrees to 110 degrees
    Working Current: Backlight on 7mA off 5mA
    Product Accuracy: 0.3% (Real High Accuracy)
    Voltage display mode: 0.00-9.99-99.9-200 V decimal point automatic change
    Current display mode: range resolution below 200A is 0.01A and above 200A is 0.1A.
    Capacity display mode:000.000AH-999999AH decimal point automatic change(minimum to 1mAH)
    Power display mode: 000.000W-999999W decimal point automatic change (minimum to 1mW)
    Shipment List: Instrument mainframe 1. Connector 1. Instructions 1.

    Package Contents
    100% Brand New
    1 X200V Coulomb Meter Battery Capacity Indicator Coulometer Power

    Wiring instructions: Instrument communication format is TTL level serial communication. In order to use the method, the interface adopts MICRO USB base. Convenient connection, please do not think it can be directly connected.   USB communication with computer! For example, when communicating with a computer, it is necessary to prepare a USB-TTL converter on the computer side and connect it with the instrument. This protocol is only for professional programmers to refer to, such as the realization of multi-online, other equipment interoperability. Ordinary users do not need to read. 1. Equipment data output mode. Baud Rate: 19200 Check Bit: NONE Data Bit: 8 Stop Bit: 1 Each output will output a set of 44 bytes of device information. Practical examples:   FE FE FE FE 00 03 5A 98 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 F0 Number correspondence: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 21 22 24 26 26 28 29 30 31 01 02: Fixed as FEFEFE Data Group Starting Mark 03 04: Fixed as FEFEFE Data Group Starting Mark 05: The default factory address is 0. 06: Percentage of electricity 07 08: Temperature value int 09 10: Voltage high bytes 11 12: Voltage Value Low Byte Variable Format Unsigned Long Note: The conversion result is in 10mV units 13 14: Current Value High Bytes 15 16: Current Value Low Byte Variable Format Unsigned Long Note: The conversion result is in 10mA units 17   : The positive and negative value of current 0 is positive 1 is negative 18 19: High bytes of electrical value 20 21: Low byte variable format for power value is Unsigned long Note: The conversion result is in 1mAH units 22 23: High bytes of time value 24 25: Time Value Low Byte Variable Format Unsigned Long Note: The conversion result is in 1 minute units 26 27: High power data bytes 28 29: Low byte variable format for power data is Unsigned long Note: Conversion results and 30H values are determined jointly 30   :Power value decimal point position power data from the right decimal point position (power data such as less than 6 bits before adding 0 to fill 6 bits) 31   : All bytes before the check value are added   Explain: Each time the instrument outputs a set of information, which can be filtered and selected for its own use. 2. How to issue instructions to equipment All instructions are marked with 7733 as the beginning 1. To issue zero-clearing power instructions to equipment Practical example:     77 33 C0 03 Number correspondence: 01 02 03 04 01 02: Identification Header 03: Device Address + 0xC4: This Record Zero Clearing Instruction Code 0x03 2. Send instructions to the device to change the data output mode Practical example:     77 33 C0 41 Number correspondence: 01 02 03 04 01 02: Identification Header 03: Device Address + 0xC4: Instruction Code [40 - Stop Output 41 - Output a set of data 42 - Start Continuous Output Data] Outgoing by default 40 3. Issue instructions to fix the address of the equipment: Practical example:     77 33 C0 81 Number correspondence: 01 02 03 04 01 02: Identification Header 03: Device Address + 0xC4: Instruction Code [New Address = 0x81-0x80] Address Range 0x00-0x7f Total 128 So Instruction Code Range is 0x80-0xff 4. To issue mandatory instructions to the equipment: Practical example:     77 33 8A Number correspondence: 01 02 03 01 02: Identification Header 03: Instruction Code [8A-Unconditional Stop Output 8B-Unconditional Single Output Set of Data This command ignores the device address and can be used to view the device address when it is forgotten that the device address cannot be controlled. Attachment: The data are all hexadecimal, and the blanks are added only for the sake of explanation. There are no blanks in the actual data.  
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